Associated Builders Corporation Limited: Your Turnkey Construction Partner in Bangladesh

Since 1972, Associated Builders Corporation Limited (ABC) has been synonymous with construction excellence in Bangladesh. Driven by dedication, hard work, and a "can-do" spirit, we take pride in designing and building iconic structures across various sectors.

From soaring industrial complexes to vital infrastructure like bridges and harbors, ABC delivers a comprehensive range of construction services on a turnkey basis. Our expertise extends to buildings of all types, ensuring we handle every project with precise execution and unwavering commitment.

Beyond just building, we specialize in tackling complex civil engineering projects. Our team boasts extensive experience and utilizes cutting-edge technology to meet the specific demands of each undertaking. Whether it's a heavy industrial structure or a delicate restoration project, ABC possesses the know-how and resources to deliver exceptional results.

As a leading force in Bangladesh's construction landscape, ABC has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. We partner with our clients to transform their vision into reality, exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting legacy.

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